When you’re in the wilderness

Sometimes it’s hard to pray. I’ve gone through seasons where talking to God just seems difficult. And I wonder, how is God perceiving that moment. I imagine it’s painful for him, to watch me struggling in life and in words. I want to seek God in my hard times, yet there were days where I couldn’t even find words to express what I was feeling or what I was looking for.

In those seasons, loved ones would come along and ask me how I was. Some of them prayed for me. And there were others, who themselves were going through very hard seasons. For some, their wilderness season continues today and though they couldn’t find strength to ask me “how are you”, they would look at me with their silly grin and smile. Sometimes the only thing we can do is offer a smile that is well understood between two souls and give it greater meaning than words.

I was grateful for these two types of people in my life. This season always stirs in me the moments I have stumbled and the hands that have helped me up. They have offered their prayers, whether I knew it or in silence. And because the wilderness period lasts different time periods for everyone, I recall how I should respond. I am to pray for them when they can not pray for themselves. God heard their prayers for me and today, He hears my prayers for them. ♥️

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