Mistakes of the past

Our mistakes in fact are actually very powerful. They can either tear us down, or teach us how to get back up.

What we often forget is that mistakes are life lessons, not a life sentence. They can help build our character, if we let them. They refine us. And because Jesus forgives us, we are no longer defined by the mistakes of our past. Instead, we are a new creation.

I have made many mistakes; some that I harbor deep inside my heart. They are mistakes that I regret. What I have learned is, though I can not go back in time to change anything, I do have the power move forward in life.

3 responses to “Mistakes of the past”

  1. That is true and I wish you all the best. Have a blessed weekend.

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  2. That’s true. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Yes, absolutely! I think we hold onto so much guilt and we let it eat away at our hearts. We forget to give ourselves grace in these situations. And why shouldn’t we? Jesus gave us grace. Though we never forget our regrets, we were not created to be prisoners.

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