Saying Sorry

Sometimes life requires us to apologize first, and not because we were wrong. I think it takes great strength to say “I’m sorry”, we place ourselves in a vulnerable position. It by no means makes us weak, it just shows that we are forgiving. After all Jesus commended us to forgive others. And we don’t forgive because it’s for the other person, they may never care and they may never say sorry in return. It does, however, give you peace inside. At the end of the day, it’s more important to the bigger person than being right.

7 responses to “Saying Sorry”

  1. 👍 Recently, I had something that resembles this. So I fully agree.

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  2. Amen, Sharon! I was visiting another church this weekend, and the pastor giving the message was speaking about this very issue, and reminded us that there is a godly way to apologize, and there is a more selfish way to do it (not good!). Thanks for this timely post! 😀

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    1. Aww I love this! Amazing how our words are in time with God’s will!

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  3. Hi Sharon, it’s Sharon – nice to meet my namesake. This apology thing is so hard to do yet so essential. Thanks for the reminder.

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    1. What a privilege it is to meet you as well!

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  4. It is so hard to say sorry. Some say it more than they should, others are never sorry. But I do believe in keeping the peace and I think when you experience God’s forgiveness in a big way, it changes your perspective.


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