“Is the sky better with clouds or without?”

“Is the sky better with clouds or without?”

A 12 year old proposed a question to his mother, “is the sky better with clouds or without?” I haven’t given much thought to clouds in the past, or the absence there of.

So I started to pay attention to the sky more.

I remember sitting in Spanish class on the morning of 9/11, and as our professor attempted to calm her anxious students, I sat by the window staring up the sky. There were no clouds in the sky that morning from what I recall, not from where I was looking anyway. It was a beautiful blue colored palette, the sun was shining, and everything appeared “normal”. Across the country on the east coast, the Fellow jiu jitsu warrior looked out of the Children’s Hospital window just as the Twin Towers were crumbling down as though in a Action movie and saw the same clear skies that almost perfect day in NYC.  On the other side of the globe, a young Filipino saw the same sun setting over the horizon as she awaited her flight to America.  The empty sky was a vast open space that day.

I saw all of God’s glory in the fields and water that covered the earth. I lay my head down in the field of grass as I pondered this question and looked up. I saw the heavens, so far away. Many times I have seen his majesty creep through the separating masses that covered the sky.

It was one particular afternoon many years ago, I was sitting in the back seat of the car after a follow up with my Neurologist, I had just been told that every inconclusive medical exam was now seemingly negative. Whatever that meant to a 6 year old child, all I knew was it meant less visits downtown and more time for shenanigans with my neighborhood Italian boys, Marcus and Daniel. I could go back to being a regular kid and as I peered through the window I saw clouds separating and the sun beaming through to the earth.  It was one of the most beautiful visions I experienced as a little girl; it was the glory of God reaching down to offer me a new life.  The heavens weren’t as far away as I had always imagined they would be.

Today this young man’s question lingered deep in my thoughts. I hadn’t given much thought to my observations on those days, but today those memories flooded my mind; they were mental notes I had made or perhaps a memory I would someday share with my maybe future grandkids. Subconsciously, my mind built associations with big event that took place.  The world seems altogether small, as the lives of many intertwine and that somehow we are part of a bigger picture.  We are all connected through events, memories, and associations.  Each seemingly simple day that God orchestrated to the very tiny detail has brought me here today, to sit and ask myself this question:

Is the sky better with clouds or without?  I’m not sure what prompted him to propose such a question, maybe he will be among one of the great philosophers we shall learn about.

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