What is he up to?

What is he up to?

Ever look around you, then suddenly wonder why things seem to be so easy for some while every single thing is an obstacle for you? God sees you struggling and hurting, so why does a good God allow the pain to continue? I have often asked the same question. Life for me hasn’t been easy. The greater my patience, the more I see God testing my patience. The more I rely on his goodness, the more I am tested in my faith. By no means have I surpassed these trials with grace. In fact, with slight agony in my breath, I continue to ask- how much longer? Why can’t something be “easy” for once, I could use some slack dear God.

I haven’t written anything in two months. I have been feeling discouraged and don’t seem to know how to overcome it. I feel void without my words, without my writing. What I have come to learn is that nothing in this world can satisfy. I feel like I am missing out and left behind. And then I am reminded of this…

God has a plan for my life, and that plan includes pain. This plan is to draw me closer to my purpose. I have found that in the midst of all life’s most difficult encounters, God makes himself known to me. And He does the same for you. No one is without pain, some just hide it well.

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