He’s more than your average Anesthesiologist

He’s the airway guy, the one you call with the difficult intubation. He knows just how to do it. You can find him in the OR. By day he is an Anesthesiologist. And he knows he’s good.

By night, he’s a photographer. I was flipping through his work this evening, I was honored he would even share them with me. But his photos weren’t what I expected. The more and more I saw, I realized he was a man after my own heart. He was able to capture so much, all I’m sure in his quick walk through the city of Chicago or an average work day in the Medical District. Every day images that our eyes see captured through the lens of his camera. He was able to see beauty in the simple things, the broken things, the messy things, the things that most of us don’t even pay attention to. How rare and beautiful is that, to have eyes that see.

Check out his photography!


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