The other side of your face

The other side of your face

We all see that side of your face, the happy smiling face.  It’s the one we post on Facebook or maybe on Instagram. It’s the funny you, the person that makes everyone laugh. This is the face we show the world, the one that says “yeah life is great, I’m living the dream”. We all have that face.

But everyone has another side to their face. It’s the side we hide from the world, the one that makes us vulnerable. We think would it matter if I was honest about how life sucks? What would it change? Life is hard! And let me admit, I’m guilty of this as well. Who takes sad selfies? It takes me at least 10 tries just to get a “regular selfie”.

This is the side of your face I’m more interested in. It’s the side that makes you strong, despite everything you have gone through. This is why I admire you, why I look up to you. I don’t know how you do it, how you manage to put a smile on everyone’s face while inside you are in pain.

We are all broken vessels. This is the other side of your face, the side that has seen adversity and yet still has hope. This is not the face we post about but this is the side I see as soon as I look through those eyes and you look through mine.


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