My God, my God, why did you forsake me?

My God, why have you forgotten me? I cried out to you in the morning. It was right as the sun was rising. My soul was in anguish and I called out your name, yet all I heard was silence. The silence was so loud.

I look out at the expanse and see the marvelous works of all creation, I see the goodness of your grace here all around me. Yet I am brokenness inside.

My God, why have you abandoned me? It is mid day and I seem to be wandering down this prairie path. Where are you? I called out to you and yet I do not know if you have heard me. This path I am walking feels lonely though there’s many beside me.

How many times did I go left when I should have gone right? I recognize I am filled with pride, maybe too stubborn to admit I was wrong.

My God, why have you cast me aside? In the night I lay sleepless thinking of your word, the word that you imprinted in my heart.

God I look to you. Do no give up on me God, for in me there is pride, there is jealousy, and there is envy. I look at my life and it appears empty. But there is also love and hope stored deep within me. I look at the expanse oh God, and feel the sunshine on my face. It is warm and comforting, and the wind it blows through my hair. I see your people around me, they are a precious people.

Open my eyes to see your mercies. Help me to remember that even when I cannot see you, I can feel you are near to me. Remove from me my wayward heart so that I may go right when you say the left is not the way. Make this life meaningful, make it beautiful for you are always walking with me.

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