You will be out on the waters soon enough

You will be out on the waters soon enough

There’s a saying, a boat is safe at the dock but that’s not what boats are meant for. Everything, people and objects have a purpose. We were created for a purpose and have a purpose, given to us by the Creator. And we invent objects with a purpose to fulfill a purpose.

A boat is meant to be on the water, going from dock to dock. There are seasons we settle on the dock, according to my friend it is because the boat has a big hole in it! Either the boat ran the good race and fulfilled it’s purpose or the boat is damaged and needs rest. A wounded boat is definitely safer at the dock. Your life is a boat my friends, it’s meant to be out on the open waters, living and loving life. Sure, there will be seasons of suffering and hardship and the dock will always be there when the storms of life require you to need rest or when it’s time for you to go home.

But your purpose is out on the waters. Sometimes the waters maybe rough, but the Creator will sustain you. In your place and time of rest, the Creator strengthens you, prepares you, refines you for the seasons you will spend on open waters.

The way I see it, regardless of your belief or disbelief, the Creator made all boats to live out their purpose, for He made us; we were fearfully and wonderfully made. Sure the dock is safe, but you were made for so much more than to settle-given up to rot at the dock. The hole won’t last forever, don’t allow the storms of this life to keep you from moving forward. You will be out on the waters soon enough!

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