Who was I kidding, I was preaching to the choir…

Who was I kidding, I was preaching to the choir…

Sometimes I don’t understand this whole “being kind” thing. On the hand, why is there a day dedicated to “showing” or doing an “act of kindness”? Shouldn’t we just be kind people? I know this is a biblical word, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, but isn’t it also a basic concept to humanity?

I was talking to this woman who is, I guess now was, trying to purchase a home. She had gone through all the steps of looking at different properties, inspections, negotiations, and even put down earnest money on one she really loved. All is well right? She’s just waiting to close. We start then imagining how we would decorate each room, raising a family in the home, and entertaining our friends. All those hopes died few days ago when her own realtor had another client who was willing to pay more money on the same property. Is that right? This woman was out inspection fees, earnest money, time off work, and just the emotional roller coaster. But in efforts to gain justice, she should at least be returned the money without a fight.

I can understand her frustrations and emotional toll it had on her. What this realtor did was unjust and all for the greed of money. The woman didn’t fight for all her money, would this change the realtor’s heart and motives, she asked. She just wanted to move on.

I question how people can just be so unkind sometimes. Being kind is hard especially to unkind people. I’ve gone through seasons when “friends” have used me, people stole from me, even talk disrespectfully to me. Every part of me wanted to tell this woman to put her foot down. Who was I kidding, I was preaching to the choir. How do we go on being kind when kindness seems to never be returned? There are a lot of things I can’t wrap my brain around, and this is one. Maybe I am naive to think so. What I’ve come to realize is, at some level people just solely care about themselves and money with no regard to who they are wronging in the process. Despite all these, I would encourage you to keep being kind, keep showing kindness because this is a basic concept of humanity and Jesus’s command to my fellow Christian brothers and sisters.

Maybe this house wasn’t meant for this woman. Maybe God is teaching me hard lessons in life. But in the end, I do believe justice will prevail, it always does just watch any Marvel or DC movie!

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