Writing New Chapters

This year I started off with a new home. I am officially a homeowner! The words sound so daunting and frightening, yet I cannot begin to express my excitement. Projects, renovations, and so much designing.

The process of buying a home definitely was a learning curve. So many words and new terminology thrown at me. I was blessed though, because I had the most amazing Mortgage lender and realtor who were just so patient with me and made the process fun.

I worked my 12 hour night shift and went to my closing as soon I punched out that morning. As I sat there signing my life away, I chuckled the first time my attorney read “sharon, a single woman”. And it really did state that! By the third time, I stopped and said, “this morning just seems to be a reminder of my relationship status”. I was a little delirious too, I hadn’t slept in 24 hours now, but he made sure I understood why it said that.

There were moments I wondered if I was even doing the right thing. This wasn’t like buying a fancy pair of shoes from Macy’s.  How do you know if you are doing the right thing? One of my aunts did ask me why I made such a big purchase. Hmmm?? Why not? Because as she put it I “should have waited till I was married first”. I was shocked she could say that to me, yet I wasn’t all that surprised either. Do people still think like that? But there are two types of people in this world I guess, those that are genuinely happy for you and those that always have something negative to say.

Regardless of what anyone thinks, it’s not shameful and seriously, I’m not your typical brown person. I’ve never done anything the conventional Indian way.


As I look at the walls around me, the roof over my head these words come to mind, “every good and perfect gift is from above”. This is my gift and it’s perfect! I love everything about this house.

All perfect gifts are not meant to be kept to ourselves. What I love most is that it will be a place for my family and friends.  I have two pans now and a 5 burner stove!  Perfect for multitasking brunch socials.  Something that my aunt or common folks won’t understand is this, this life is not about marriage and babies and money.  It never was.  This life we live is about glorifying God.  This house is God’s house and for His people, while I pay the mortgage of course!  

Did I do the right thing? Oh absolutely I did. ❤️

5 responses to “Writing New Chapters”

  1. I love this so much! You go Sharon! I’ve grappled with the idea myself. It can be so easy to forget that we can live our lives independently too! A friend (male) asked my why I “didn’t just (Insert big life event here)” I said, “It’s different for a girl. We are the ones who usually have to uproot when we get married. We have to be the most flexible, we have the kids, we take 15-20 years out of our lives to raise them, we make a home, we build the family.” He didn’t understand it and I really didn’t expect him to. But it’s a psychological barrier we put in front of our goals and dreams ALL THE TIME. We make everything tentative to meeting someone, which is so frustrating when I identify it in myself! I want to travel the world, but I don’t want to do it alone. I have to stop myself and say, “But I can and I should, because I can’t live my life waiting. Go experience amazing things now while I still can.” Make that leap, prove to yourself you can hold your own over and over. You go girl. Make that house yours and be proud of it! I’m so excited for you!

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    1. Thank you so much!! Do those things that you want, let nothing hold you back. I was also afraid but bring those things before the Lord and He will help you achieve those things. 💙

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  2. Wow awesome congratulations may God let you enjoy this place & it be a blessing 💖💖 I want to buy a home. I hope God allows me someday 😀👍

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    1. In His time!!
      Thank you for those kind words.

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