2PM Coffees

2PM Coffees

The thing about coffee is that, it’s never just coffee.

2pm rolls around and I descend down the elevators and make my way to Starbucks. I’m a creature of habit.  It’s a long painful walk down the halls as I walk it alone now. Painful because it is just that, a memory now. The walk is filled with moments that made lasting memories.

How often do we forget to live in the present and stop to enjoy what is in front of us?  We take for granted the people around us, the places we are placed in.  We think, oh there is still tomorrow.  How often do we stop to tell someone that we appreciate them?  After all one day, their presence is just a memory when you’re walking the halls.   Did you tell them they matter or how much you valued that friendship?

The thing about coffee is that, it’s never just coffee.  After all- every minute and every moment adds up.  Today I am convicted with taking a minute to appreciate each moment because once they are gone, they become memories.  What I’ve taken from this is that there is so much to be cherished.  I’ll continue to get my 2PM coffee  because our coffees were more than coffees, it was a season of impressing our hearts on each other.

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