I want to be a Skyscraper

Thank you Abby, for reaching out to me when you did. It was like God gave you words from scriptures to meet me where I was at. I was avoiding the emotions because it was easier than dealing with the unknown.

“Help me to want what you want for me Lord”. What a hard prayer. But you prayed this for me and with me. What is it that the Lord wants for me, what is it that I don’t see.

It always matters what we say to others; how we speak truth or build others up. It has the power to change someone’s day; it changed mine to a beautiful Sunday 💙

I wish I were a skyscraper, standing tall and confident. Higher, looking down and seeing everything that is happening. Seeing the curves in the journey, the road blocks. All that could be and those that should be. Oh to stand boldly.


Instead I am the metro, roaming from here to there in search of more in this life. Sometimes I feel so lost. Sometimes I don’t see. Sometimes I miss out on things in front of me because I am going to fast.


Help me to want the things you want for me Lord 💙 help me to know you are in control of all things. Help me to see you haven’t forgotten me. Help me to see what you want me to see. Help me to want the things you want for me.


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