The Ninja Nurse without the Jiu-Jitsu Warrior

The Ninja Nurse without the Jiu-Jitsu Warrior

Although I started a new job recently, I am still currently working one day a week at the old job.  I know my P4Y girls are probably reading this and wondering, ‘what, why?’ and I have the reason to follow…I will not leave you girls hanging for long!

But first, the Jui-Jitsu Warrior.


Walking through the halls of a place that is so familiar had a sense of comfort.  But then I walked into the PICU.  It was a weird feeling.  I was so used to seeing Berenice at 7 am just barely awake leaning back in the chair and although we both started new jobs together (at the same place)- I still missed her all of a sudden.

We weren’t the only ones that started a new journey.  The Jui-Jitsu Warrior did too.  His office empty, the PICU not as familiar as I thought anymore.  The place had such a sad ambience, the same feeling when the Queen Bee PICU nurse left few years ago.

The morning hours went by quick, the Ninja Nurse trying to keep her patient alive.  But 2 pm came as it always does.  I miss my routine, the Jui-Jitsu warrior would usually accompany the Ninja Nurse to the Starbucks at other end of the end hospital.  It was a far enough walk so they could catch up.  He would order his expresso and tell her to pursue her dreams, encourage her in her walk and build her up.  He would tell her about his medical mission trips or the exotic places he’d visit.  She would order whatever she was in the mood for, that’s what girls do!  She would encourage him with stories of hope and her faith.  He called her wise and exotic.


We talked about new journey’s for so long, and today the warrior wasn’t there to accompany the Ninja Nurse.  The walk down the long hallways suddenly became a reminder of their friendship, of their conversations.  7 Years passed before my eyes.  She wasn’t always a ninja and he wasn’t always a warrior.  They were secretly very insecure those many years ago.


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