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A Love that Kills 

As a nurse you think you have seen it all. though the stories may be similar in some aspects they never stop to break your heart. I am reminded of how much sin and pain there is in this world. 

There is darkness, a great darkness.

A love that hurts, a love that kills.

What have you done?

Your eyes are scarlet for they can not see me

You lay there in defeat

No thought, no reason

No words I have to say

And how could this happen

How could they destroy that porcelain skin

Your heart somehow still beats

They say you are resilient

And want to fight to live

There is a whisper you can not hear

A sound you can not fathom

There is a fountain though you can not taste

There is a sadness you may never feel

Helpless here I stand

But there you lay,

As earth’s defeat by a love that kills.

There is a darkness, a great darkness.





*I will always remember you sweet child*


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