Is this from God? 

Is this from God? 

This past Sunday morning I slept through all my alarms and when I finally woke up, it was was 10am.  I was exhausted from this week’s work and I guess my body just needed rest.  As I lay in bed contemplating if I should just sleep in a little while longer or make myself get up.  I told myself, “you need rest, you never miss church”.  And this was true, I enjoy being in church, worshiping and the fellowship.  I rolled out of bed anyway.

I rushed to get ready, my makeup probably-just adequate, threw on an outfit, and still made it to church 15 minutes late.

From the moment I sat down, Pastor Wil’s words spoke right to me.  Today was different, he addressed every person sitting in church this morning.  I could feel the presence of God there, I could hear God in his sermon.  The words brought tears to my eyes.  

He spoke of condemnation, how we condemn ourselves.  It related a lot to things that have been pressing heavily on my heart.  Feelings of inadequacy have at times consumed me.  There are times when unanswered prayers or marked suffering has made me question, “is this punishment from God”?  I can imagine that few could relate.  

Here’s a link to sermon, something definitely worth checking out. 

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