The treasure that got lost

Did you ever stop and ask yourself why so many bad things are happening throughout the world or maybe why the days seem to go by so fast? I’m not sure if any of these crossed your mind because it sure crosses mine. Regardless, suffering is a real word. Not only is it tangible, but it projects horizontally in life. There’s no escape from it. Suffering is all around us, and I see it every where I go.  The thought of suffering deeply saddens my heart. It means someone is hurting, tears are shed, and pain is real.  

I’m sure most people throughout the world have heard of Hurricane Harvey that hit southern Texas. The residents of Houston were warned that they had 3 hours to evacuate. They had 3 hours to bring their families together, gather their treasured belongings, and drive north. How do you determine value of your things, your livelihood, and your time? 

Unfortunately, some people didn’t make it. And those that did had the unpleasant task of returning to destroyed homes and communities. The truth is, the aftermath of the hurricane left everything trashed. Driving through the streets, homes destroyed and fallen, belongings scattered through the streets.  

My heart goes out to all the families that have lost loved ones in this past months hurricanes, earthquakes and wildfires. Everything that was once considered of value, things that costed money, things that were collected had become trash. It reminds me how everything here on earth is just so temporary; we work hard to collect things that can vanish within minutes. What are we investing in? In what are we putting value? “For where your treasure is, their your heart will also be”. What do we treasure? Where are our hearts? I want to be a person that invests in others. I wish to see their potential and help them reach their goals. I want people to succeed, not in wealth but in heavenly treasures. I wish to treasure all the beauty that cannot be seen nor touched all around me. 

What is your treasure? 

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