Tea Time & Pandecoco

Tea Time & Pandecoco

I was a new nurse, just out of nursing school, starting my new job. I recall being so excited, I get to take care of kids for a living I thought! It was the first day I met her, she pawned me off to some other preceptor. I didn’t mind, actually I did but I was still going to do what I was called to do in this life.
Time went by as it normally does and pretty soon, I was on my own. I don’t recall the moment things changed or when we became friends. But what I do remember, as Anna O would say, she hated life before I came along and I would talk to her nonstop every chance I got. From talking about childhood vacations to dreams that we both day, we started a traditional called “tea time and pandecoco”.  She’s a flip! And from that moment on, she was my best friend.
Honestly, she probably didn’t have a choice. If you ask her, she would tell you I talked so much and I always start my stories with “this one time” as she would add “in band camp”.
But just as it is said, time does not stand still. Soon after I started my new job as a PICU nurse. She continued to work two jobs, manage her household and work on her master’s degree. I was always eager for her to hurry up and finish school. I missed our days together, “tea time and pandecoco”.
The days didn’t go in void. She was there with me through every high and low season, through conversations where I repeated myself more often than not, through every guy I dated and we became family. We found new adventures and today she’s a Nurse Practitioner.
She is my family and I’m her little sister.


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