My crazy idea 

Exactly a year ago I went to my best friend Gay and my Bible study group with this crazy idea I had, what if I started a blog?  It seemed crazy at the time because what could I possibly know about blogging…nothing.  I was a nurse working crazy shifts and hours, I had no experience in writing, and I knew nothing about creating a website. 

I spent hours trying to figure out a what a widget was and what to do with it.  It took me months to learn how to use a tag line.  Every question became an obstacle, I did so much researching.  And just when I thought, oh this isn’t bad-with a click of a button, I accidentally deleted all my work.  Yet, through the course of the past twelve months, I have learned so much.  What a learning curve! 

I had a great support system though; my family and friends continually encouraging me to write and to press forward even when the process was so challenging.  

And here I am, a year as passed.  I started this blog with this crazy desire to encourage people, to share the hope that I have in Christ.  Do my words matter?  Are they making a difference?  Is it reaching the world?  I would be happy if it just reached the next county or even a handful of people.  But God in His faithfulness took my stories to places I had to google to figure where in the world that country was, like Moldova.  If you’re reading this and you know where Moldova is without cheating, email me, I’m sending you a gold star! 

In my efforts to encourage people through their walk and different seasons in life they may be facing, I have been touched by hearing from all of you and how my stories came to you when it was something you needed to hear that day.  That is all God! And through this I have been encouraged by you also in the words you share with me.  

Praise be to God our Father!  

Photo credit to Sameh @BrightLightStudios&Design 

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