We can be an example

We can be an example

I often don’t post anything political or voice my political views. But I just felt like, maybe this one time I should. I’m sure not many people will agree with me, and that doesn’t matter, because this is my opinion.

The news and social media are flooded with the tragic events that have been taking place lately here and throughout the world. There is so much hatred in the world among races, among religions, and so on.

A few years ago when I was visiting in Hyderabad, a bomb had gone off a couple blocks from where I was staying. Yes, a bomb. In India, Hindus and Muslims have been fighting for longer than I can keep track. I was shocked and scared for my life. The bomb had went off in a shopping plaza, the same shopping plaza I was at earlier. Just a few hours before the bomb went off, my relatives would drive that same street to come visit me. The streets were flooded with police officers. It was a common street, it was a busy street.  People were randomly stopped and searched. Yet no one was faced by these events. Everyone went along his or her normal routine. They were used to this, I wasn’t.

Lives were lost that day due to hate. One way or another, we are all effected by crimes, hate, and terrorism.

Today, I’m not surprised by all the bad stuff happening around me as I was a few years ago. Maybe I lived in oblivion then. But I am surprised with how people respond. Posting your opinion only goes so far. If you are bashing the people involved in crimes, does that make us any better just because we claim to love? What good will your protesting do if you don’t show kindness? By now, none of us should be surprised at the increase in deaths due to hate and violence. That is the world of sin we live in. But we can do something about that.

We can be an example.

Stand up for something good and be proactive in that. Serve the people you think that are being oppressed. Serve the people in your community. There are so many ways to serve and support the broken and hurting. Show them that there is no room for hatred, don’t just say it. Show people that you believe love is greater than hate, show them that love will win.


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