From valleys to mountains 

Most of you are familiar with Joseph, the dreamer, the guy with the beautiful coat. By the end of his life, it seemed so glorious, he was second to the pharaoh of Egypt! How cool! That was God’s plan for his life. He was given such an important responsibility to save the people.

When he was a child, God showed him of the future he is to have. Joseph dreamt how others would bow down to him. I wish I there, even as a fly on the wall. I wonder what he thought, did he just think it was his imagination because that is one crazy vision.

The journey for Joseph included valleys though, the low points to get to the mountains. He was thrown in a pit and later sold into slavery by his own brothers. But being a slave wasn’t the lowest point of his life, no, that was yet still to come.   Joseph wasn’t exempt from temptation either.  How many of us in Joseph’s situation would say, forget what’s right, forget what’s moral when I am going from bad to worse? And that’s exactly what it was, it went from bad to worse. What’s lower than being a slave, being a prisoner.   But that’s where joseph needed to go because God would save him and all the people from a great famine that was to come.


God has a great plan for your life, a plan that includes lots of valleys unfortunately to get to the mountains. Maybe your like Joseph and have received this great vision, or maybe you haven’t. But all these little trials, this suffering, is not going wasted. Through it all, He is with you, in all your suffering, in all your tears. He knows what you have lost, He knows the tears that you shed. The story doesn’t tell us that Joseph cried, but I am sure he did and he cried out to God. Be strong and don’t lose heart, the story never ends here for God’s children. God has a great plan for your life.

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