Perfect Love Triumphs 

Perfect Love Triumphs 

A few days ago, I crossed paths with a stranger. After my awkward self made some random comment, that I can’t even remember, we began to chat away. I quickly learned she was an Israeli Jew and had recently returned from her visit there. She began to describe to me all the places she had visited and my desires to go there resurfaced.

It is my dream to go to Israel, to see all the places marked with history, to walk where my Jesus had walked. She started to tell me about her town and the people there, and then she said something I will never forget. “It’s a scary place, but it’s also a lovely place. There is so much violence. The Muslims, Jews, and Christians there are wonderful people but unfortunately because we are also surrounded by radicals, the world doesnt see the good people.”


In all honesty, I was blown away by her statements. As she continued to talk and tell me about her experiences and the people there, I saw that in a world full of hate, here was a Jewish woman filled with love for her Christian and Muslim brothers and sisters. I was so encouraged by her words.  I see a beautiful people, a people full of hope and love. There is war among us and people dying everyday because of unexplainable hatred.  We are surrounded with expressions of hate and violence. All of us, everywhere. Jesus came and taught us to love and how to love one another.  His greatest commandment is to love our neighbors.  Years have passed, and this love is still alive.  Though Satan seeks to destroy and bring hate among us, it is evident that Jesus’ perfect love triumphs!  Love will always win.


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