A Nurse’s Journey

A Nurse’s Journey


Two weeks ago was Nurse’s week and what a great time of year to reflect on how I ended up on this journey.
It was an ordinary day for me a couple years ago. It began like any other, and why wouldn’t it. Nothing significant about that day, until that day.
It was a Monday, I was assigned to take care of the 14 year old girl. The day we met, she could hardly speak and her body fatigued with illness. She lay there hopeless and barely conscious. As the days went on, we talked about death as she gained life back in her body. We talked about guys because apparently I should have some wisdom on men. She asked me about love as I held her hair in the midst of her puking. She was just an ordinary 14 year old girl, curious about this life and love.
It was now days later, Valentine’s Day. It was an ordinary day for me. It began like any other and why shouldn’t it?
I went to check on her at the start of my day, she handed me a bouquet of red roses and a card. My heart was smiling a mile wide. It took me back to 1991. I was 5 years old, in the PICU. My aunt was sitting next to me, telling me stories as I looked outside my hospital room window. I heard a cry. It came from the little girl across my room in the caged crib. I crawled to the edge of my bed and just watched her cry. Why was no one there to console her? I was only 5, but I recall being angry in my heart that day. Why wasn’t my mom with me? I wanted my mom. But I turned to my aunt who sat there lovingly with me.  Someone was with me, while she had no one.
A lady walked in, pulled the girl out of the crib and rocked her. “Who was that?” I asked my aunt. That’s your nurse, and that’s the little girl’s nurse too. I sat there, watching in amazement. I turned to my aunt and said “that’s what I want to do, I want to do what my nurse does”.
I don’t know who that nurse was, but she changed my life. Nurses do that to us. The journey is not about awards and recognition, it’s about the all the lives we touch that we don’t even know about. It’s about all the little eyes watching us. It’s about impacting a heart.  It’s about the little smiles and quiet giggles.  Being a nurse is quieting an anxious heart and wiping the tears. It’s rejoicing and mourning.
I opened the card she handed me. Inside it read, “thank you for taking such good care of me. I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day!” My heart was smiling a mile wide. As I reached in to give her a hug, I knew this was the Lord’s work!

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