Did Jesus really have to die?

An innocent man was placed on trial today, an unfair trial. He didn’t commit any crimes. And yet, before authorities, he remained silent. If you’re anything like me, we’re nothing like this man. We would stand up to defend our cause. We want to prove our innocence.

But he faced death on a cross. They beat him. They spit of him. The Israelites chose to crucify my Lord.

Why did Jesus have to die? Long before Jesus was born, it was written in Psalm 22 how the Messiah would come and face death. It was prophesied long ago that this day would come. They would crucify my King.

The world was broken. We read in history how sin captured the hearts of men. They fell away from God and godliness.

But that day, that Good Friday, Jesus thought of me. He thought of you. He thought of all the people that filled this world. Two thousand years ago a King saw a broken brown girl who needed to be loved and forgiven. He saw the brokenness and the pain she harbors in her secret places in her heart so that no one could see. He saw the loneliness through her eyes and guilt she would carry.  He saw right through her facade.

And so he carried all that was in her heart to the cross. Only a Savior could look at this brown girl and love her so dearly, that he would die for her.

Did Jesus really have to die? Yes, yes he did. Because through his death I am given a new life and the promise of being in paradise with him.

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