She Turns 31

She Turns 31

Today I turn 31, which basically means I’m headed downhill. When I was 12, my cousins and I would play MASH. At 12 I thought by 30 I’d have my life together and all figured out. I thought by 30 I would be married, I’d have that masters degree, I’d own my dream house, have those six kids by some divine miracle, I thought I’d be at least make it to 5’2″. And instead of gaining that extra inch, the wellness fair would take away an inch with their, what I’m convinced, broken scale.
I was dreading 30. It started with a surgery and a broken relationship. That doesn’t sound glamorous at all, definately not what I imagined for myself. But the year also started with prayers from lovely friends wishing me a year of unexpected blessing. And through the brokenness, somehow my direction refocused. I began to crave the Word. The more I read, the more it met me where I was at. Then suddenly, I felt the Spirit prompting me in my actions, my words, and my thoughts.
As I head into 31, I can’t help but look back and reflect on my life. There are so many wonderful people that walked into my life in just the past few months.
My 30th year was nothing I imagined, it was better. No, I don’t have any of the things I thought I would have, but life has a funny way of working itself out. Sometimes we think we know what we want, but our hearts are not satisfied. Could it be that we fully can not comprehend the deepest desires of our hearts? And suddenly, just like that, the year was full of unexpected blessings I never knew I desired.

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