Where’s that Promise Land?

Where’s that Promise Land?

We are always waiting. Waiting for the next chapter in our lives. The perfect job, marriage, kids, a day off work, vacation, and that list can go on. The season of waiting reminds me of the Israelites wandering through the wilderness. The wilderness for them lasted much longer than I have the ability to wait. If you look at the map and consider that the Israelites traveled on foot, a good question proposed is why did the Israelites take so long to get to the promise land?
Eventually the original few made it to the promise land, but not everyone. It’s actually an interesting representation of what our life looks like. Right now in the season of life I’m at, my earthly desires are so trivial. I’m so focused on the now, the goals I want to achieve, and the dreams I have for my future. I’m basically waiting for the next big thing to happen. These aren’t horrible things. But as I am coming to realize, these things are not my promise land. These things are temporary and we never are fully content in them.  My promise land is heaven. My time here on earth, is the wilderness. Lucky for me, the average lifespan in 2017 is much shorter than it was back than. I’m kind of lucky that way! Nothing here is permanent or perfect, not marriage, not life, not our job, nor health.
So why do we go through the wilderness on foot?

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