After Every Storm, a Rainbow Follows

After Every Storm, a Rainbow Follows

No where in the Bible does it state that God only gives us what we can handle. As a pediatric intensive care nurse I’ve seen a lot of horrible things I wish my eyes I never seen or my heart never felt. I’ve seen people at their best and their worst. But no one asked for sickness, disease, abuse, or even fear. Regardless of age, sometimes life hands us a deck of cards we just don’t want or imagined would be in our hands. How do you offer words of encouragement when you don’t even know what to say? Nothing seems appropriate. The cards in your hand hardly seem fair. Or maybe you peeked at someone else’s deck and sigh in disbelief, how could this be?
The tiny drops that started as little trickles of water just tapping away against the earths surface has now become a large puddle under your feet. And then, when you get a chance to breathe and look around you, you realize that you are in the middle of a storm. The winds are at their highest speed.
As I pondered these things this week, I found rainbows all over the pediatric ICU. Though the rainbows weren’t in the sky, it was a remainder of my Jesus. I remember one of the very few discussions I had with Alex was about rainbows. It was right after a summer rain storm and I sent him a picture of a rainbow in the sky. He was in awe of it’s beauty. He said something very profound that day. “After every storm, whether you can see it or not, there is always a rainbow in the sky. That is God’s covenant.” No matter where I am, I will always look up at the sky after a rainfall and remember that day. Rainbows will always signify God’s promise to His people, to me, and you.
Alex was right. After every rainstorm, a rainbow covers the sky. Sometimes it is hidden behind clouds and other times, there are just way too many skyscrapers blocking our view. Or pollution, especially if you’re in Hyderabad-but that’s another topic for another day!
I don’t have an answer to why people have to endure so much pain other than it’s the world we live in. But while we go through storms and trials in our life, we can find courage in knowing that a rainbow will always follow our hardships. God’s promises are for us! And that is our strength. That is what drives us to push through our circumstances. Though what we may be facing seems unfair and hard, God is just and He only is our strength.  So the saying may not be true, “God only gives us what we can handle” but I know He gives us strength as we play out our deck of cards. And that strength is Jesus.  He takes ahold of my hand and walks through the storm with me.

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