The Stone Walls

The Stone Walls

We build walls. They are all around us. We have walls to separate rooms in our homes. We also have fences. Every where I look, I see walls. Some are tall and yet there are some that are short. Some that are plain and others vibrant in color. What do walls do? They separate, they keep things in and things out.
I have put up many walls in my life. Wall around the surface of my heart. And these walls were not necessarily to keep anything in or out. It’s primary goal was to protect me. In some form or another, I am sure at some point in our life we have all deeply needed walls to keep pain out. Take it from a person who can not feel much physical pain, heart ache hurts. It’s a natural human response is to protect one self when pain is involved. I had layers and layers of stone walls, yet God someone managed to crack a chip. He’s the God of the universe; if there’s anyone who could jump a wall-it’s Him, take my word for it!
The best news of all is that for every set of walls, a door exist. You can not have walls without doors. Proverbs teaches us to guard our hearts because everything we do flows from it. So is putting walls up always bad? When we are taught to guard your heart, we are reminded to be mindful of not letting our soul be infiltrated.  Walls will cease to exist because of the sinful world we live in. Then Jesus came and taught us to love our neighbors. People are searching for a hope, a truth. People needing an embrace. And when someone knocks on the door of your heart, open the door, it’s your neighbor. They are all around you. Let the fruits of the Spirit spill out. Why you ask? Because someone first opened their door for you.

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