This past Wednesday I met with the worship leader of Trivillage Church to audition to be a vocalist. This opportunity came as a bit of surprise, so much so, I actually thought it was a prank. But believe it or not, it was an experience that lead me backstage at Wheaton Bible Church. There were so many computers and gadgets, and reminded me of recording studios in the movies. The worship leader described the purpose of each individual backstage and how their role plays into Sunday morning services. I have been attending Wheaton Bible Church since 2004 and it never dawned on me what was happening backstage.

But this is exactly how life is! We are living Sunday morning service everyday while God is backstage orchestrating our life. We don’t see what He is doing. In fact we do not see how each little experience is coming together to fulfill the purpose of our existence. You were not an accident or here by chance, you are where you are because God has placed you there. I didn’t see how God was orchestrating my life. As I look back now, I see how some pieces came together. We often look at our circumstance and wonder why God allowed it to happen. Maybe life is not turning out the way we envisioned it. Yet God envisioned something far more better for me than I could have ever envisioned for myself. He brought the most sweet friendships into my life. He brought me into a place of deeper longing for Him, into a deep relationship with Him. He brought me to this place where I am able to share my journey. And that’s what he wants for you! He wants to have a relationship with you. The Sunday service experience is not about having the perfect hairdo or fancy clothes. It is not about having it all together. It is about your walk and your heart. God is backstage for you too, He’s working all things together for your good. Why? Because he loves you my dear friend!
So maybe I didn’t get anywhere past the Atlantic Ocean, but I did become a writer and who knows-maybe a background singer! I would have never auditioned, let alone be backstage anywhere if God did not bring this adventure into my life. I don’t fully know what will happen, but I know this-God’s hand is orchestrating my path.
And right before I left, the worship leader said “how funny is it how you ended up here”.


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