The dad and his baby

The dad and his baby

There is a story about a dad and his baby.


The dad placed his precious baby on a changing table, and that little boy wiggled himself to the edge and fell. Upon arrival to the emergency department, exams were conducted to search for any skull fractures or brain bleeds. What they found was unexpected. According the Pediatric Neurosurgeon, “if he had not fallen, we would have never found that brain tumor”.

There is a story about a dad and his baby, a story about God and you.

See God chose you and set you apart, yet you have fallen. You have visible bruises and you have visible scars. Maybe you have experienced tremendous pain.  But, “nothing you are going through will be wasted; God will redeem everything for your good and his glory”.  It does not matter who we are, we will all experience moments in our life when we fall a little every day. We may experience tragedy or loss, health problems, pain or guilt

I’ve had the privilege of watching this Pediatric Neurosurgeon remove brain tumors out of children. And let me tell you, tumors are ugly! They come to invade and suck life as its’ source of strength. Brain tumors have the ability to alter thinking, cause seizures, and produce headaches.  And what you are facing today is trying to suck the life out of you too.

Maybe you like for Job, God is allowing little bumps in the road.   Sometimes, the ‘bumps’ in the journey draws you closer to something bigger. Maybe each trial is preparing you for something greater that is yet to be revealed. Maybe, just maybe God is doing surgery on your heart to weed out all that invades your body and mind.

There is a story about a dad and his baby. And in case you were wondering, this is a true story. Almost a year as passed since that tumor was resected on that baby and today, he runs around with his daddy like nothing happened.

There is a story about a dad and his baby.  There is a story about my Father and me.  And, there is a story about The Heavenly Father and you.


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