The Mountains Tremble


The mountains tremble,
Even the hilltops quiver

But I stand firm
For beneath me is solid ground.

The sun sets
And stars fill the night sky,
Darkness has covered the earth,
That even the shadows fall behind.
“I will not be overcome!” I yell.
For the night is only darkest in my loneliest hour.

I hear the cry of my beloved
Piercing my soul
“You are fading into the air”
So I stretch out my hand
“Where are you going?”
Your heart whispers to me a lullaby
In my ear, so soft and gentle,
As an echo etched in my mind.

The mountains they tremble
And the hilltops quiver
But I am not shaken
For my feet stand firm.

You wrestle the night
And overtake its’ darkness.
Your whisper penetrates my soul
My beloved is mine you see
Buried deep within me
Where darkness cannot reach.

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