Meeting a Missionary

Meeting a Missionary

I spent today morning with a missionary. As I sat there and sipped my coffee, I was surprised at how real she was. She was roughly around me age and has been working to spread the Gospel in Greece for few years now. It was a privilege to sit in Eva’s presence as she shared her story.

I think sometimes we forget that missionaries are regular people. Like the rest of us, Eva faces the same challenges we face. Her words were so genuine and sweet. And then she said something that caught my attention further.

If you’re a Christian, you might have felt pressured at some point in life to be perfect. Everyone is looking at you, listening to what you say, and watching what you do. You’re almost afraid to make mistakes. You don’t want to be judged. At some point we have all heard this, “you’re a Christian, Christians don’t do that”. The truth is, I mess up every day. I’m probably the image of the imperfect.

One day Eva just wanted to be at home then go out in the pouring rain and mentor. I was filled with gratitude for her honesty. Some days I want to respond the same way. There are two things that will cross our minds as believers. The first is this: to think, I need to respond the “Christian” way. This response is all about you. And the second is this, though she felt inadequate, Eva got up and went and lived out the Gospel not because it was “Christian” but because Jesus was sending her.

Eva taught me a wonderful lesson today, that it’s okay to be real. When our hearts and our minds are focused on Jesus, we need not be afraid at how the world views us, because we will always respond to His calling. Though I may feel inadequate, Jesus makes me adequate. Ultimately, it is not about me, everything is about Him.

To learn more abouth the ministy visit

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