When God says “Wait”

When God says “Wait”

I would call myself a patient person, but as I find myself in a season full of waiting, I see my patience drawing thin. Waiting is hard. Let’s be real. We have become so accustomed to getting what we want and when we want it, that waiting is almost a foreign concept.

I remember as a child often asking my parents for a new toy, some ice cream or to visit my cousins. There were few instances when my parents said, “wait”. Looking back, if I hadn’t always known how long I was waiting, I most certainly knew what I was waiting for. This often made the process slightly more bearable. As I eagerly waited for my request, I was overflowing with joy.

This past summer, I’ve encountered the word ‘wait’ far more often than I would have liked. As I prayed and opened scripture, every response was wait. It wasn’t hard to figure out that God was instructing me to wait patiently. Waiting on the Lord is far more different than waiting on a parent. See, God didn’t tell me what I was to wait for or even how long to wait.

The first few days are easy, and I am emerged in the Word, as I long for the prize. As time passed on, I could feel the anticipation creeping through my veins. And impatience settled in. Nothing I was seeking was through selfish gain.

I was quickly reminded that I should worship while I wait. Worship? I was overcome with agony, how was I going to worship?  If you are anything like me, you would describe your waiting as anxiety producing. You’re waiting. Maybe for something entirely different than what I’m waiting for but you’re waiting for God to do this amazing thing in your life.

The waiting period is about submission and refocusing on God’s will for your life. For me, it was handing over the baton and saying, “Jesus, I trust you” and understanding that God’s way is perfect.   After relinquishing control, I am still waiting! The only difference is that I am able to worship and give praise for my waiting.

See, waiting is always going to be hard no matter who are and what you’re waiting for. But our God is a God of justice and love and He blesses those that wait patiently on Him (Isaiah 30:18). Don’t lose sight of God’s goodness. You are His daughter, you are His son, and He only has the best for you! Waiting is only half the story, the other half is about God working at and preparing your heart for the blessing that is yet to come.

One response to “When God says “Wait””

  1. Today started out bad for me. This was just what I needed to read because I go through days when waiting is hard. Thank you for this beautiful post! It touched my heart and was something I needed on a day like today.


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